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The Department of Catholic Schools 

Presents at the 2014 NCEA Convention

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School Fundraiser  Program

St Brigid raised over $5K last year . . . . will you be next?

The AHSC School Raffle Program is a community based project to (1) provide a no-risk fundraiser opportunity for our public schools, (2) to enhance our children’s learning and extracurricular activities, and (3) familiarize students at an early age about the concepts of giving and raising funds for community purposes.

Enter your school’s club, group, athletics team, etc. to participate today! Contact: Angela Pang, apang@asianweek.com, (415) 373-4002. The 2014 Make Some Money For your School Raffle Program kicks off March 2014 and goes on until May 12, 2014. Prize results will be announced by May 23, 2014.



ReThink Mathematics with Torrey Volk

Links to ReThink Video and Training

You will need a password to access the videos and training, please email Nina Russo for the login information.



The Catholic schools of the Archdiocese of San Francisco are committed to the mission of the Church by providing quality learning communities rooted in academic excellence and the Catholic tradition for the children entrusted to our care.

The development of the whole child, regardless of race, culture or economic background, is achieved through the collaboration of our school staff, parents, clergy, religious and the parish community.

Our faith-centered, child-focused, family sensitive education fosters within our children a strong personal relationship with God, prepares them for leadership within the Church and the world and empowers them to live the Gospel values of love, peace, justice, respect and service in their everyday lives.