Archdiocesan Family Grant and Scholarship Information

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For this school year, we estimate that we will be able to award just slightly less than $1,000,000 in tuition assistance to our families on an as-needed basis. We will split the amount between high school awardees and elementary awardees. This year, we awarded aid to families where income was just above the poverty level. We continue to offer assistance on an as-needed basis.

For the Elementary students, April 15th is the deadline for submitting all information to the third party need evaluation company that we use to collect the financial data from our families. High School Students have a deadline, specified by the individual schools, but not later than February 8th for submitting TADS applications to the third party need evaluation company, and Pastor form / Principal form and to their high schools directly. High Schools submit those forms to the Department of Catholic Schools by March 8.

Late applications will NOT be considered. Students must live in San Mateo, San Francisco or Marin Counties. We expect to announce the awards to high school families at the same time the acceptance letters are sent, and to elementary student’s families at the end of May. This is consistent with the process we used to award tuition assistance for this year.

Message to Our Donors

We wish to thank you, the constituents of the Archdiocese of San Francisco for your continued generosity to our schools. It is because of you that generations of students and their families have and will receive a Catholic school education. If you wish to find out more about contributing to the scholarship funds, or wish to inquire about a specific fund, please don’t hesitate to contact Annette Brown at Thank you.

We use TADS Service as our third party information data entry service and provider.

To use the TADS Financial Aid online application go to  You will be guided through the application.  If you have any questions, you can phone TADS at 800-477-8237.




High School Families

Elementary Families

FEB 8th (or earlier) TADS application due

APR 15th TADS application due

FEB 8th Principal and Pastor Forms due to schools


MAR 8th Principal and Pastor Forms due to DCS


APR Award Letters sent to schools

MAY Award Letters sent to families

SEPT Confirmation of Attendance due to DCS

SEPT Confirmation of Attendance due to DCS

OCT Award checks sent directly to schools

OCT Award checks sent directly to schools



Forms & Instructions